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Footwork February (Month-Long Event)

  • Align Movement Design 409 Mead Road Decatur, GA, 30030 United States (map)

Welcome to Footwork February!

The feet are the foundation for an effective Pilates practice.  At Align, we intend to assist in your discovery of these foundations with an entire month of classes where the focus is on the feet!

In every mat and apparatus class, we will explore the basics of alignment, self-massage, and strengthening exercises for the feet and ankles. We will identify every day tools you probably have around your house that you can utilize.

There will be opportunities to explore apparatus and Pilates props that are instrumental in continuing your foot awareness and how you can carry this information into your daily life.

To delve deeper in your understanding and exploration, there will be a Foot Workshop:
FOOT CONNECTIONS, on February 24th, 2pm - 3:30pm

How do you participate?  

  1. Let Samantha or Patricia know you want to participate so we can add you to the list before February 3

  2. Attend Pilates Mat or Apparatus classes as often as you can throughout the month of February.  For each class that you attend you will earn a gold star.  If you collect at least 8 gold stars you will receive an apparatus up-charge to use in March.  That’s 2 classes a week!  Attend 10 or more classes then you will earn an additional apparatus upcharge – for a total of 2 - and be entered into drawing to one of three FootWork February prize packs.  You get double stars for attending the Foot Connections workshop on February 24.  

  3. When you cannot attend class, perform any of the 16 exercises listed below for bonus points and log it on the calendar provided with the appropriate number.  Turn the calendar in at the end of the month.  (Click here to download a printable calendar). What do bonus points earn you?  If you’ve completed at least 8 classes and have also done a complete month of self-discovery of your feet, you will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 prize packs that include reflexology sessions, free classes, private sessions, and more!

  4. Follow us on Instagram.  We will be posting on Instagram throughout the month demonstrating exercises of foot discovery along with other fun foot facts or anecdotes.  We would love to see some of your February foot work too and it will earn you bonus points.  Simply post a picture or video of you doing any of the exercises of foot discovery and tag the studio (@alignmovementdesign) or add the hashtag  #FebruaryFootwork to your caption.  For each post you earn an additional bonus point for prizes.  Social media bonus points are limited to 1 per member, per day.  

What’s in the prize packs?  

There are 3 prize packs that will go to the top 3 point earners throughout the month.  In the event of a tie, the prize pack will be split between the tied participants.  

  1. Reflexology Session with Patricia, 2 mat classes, and a foot kit with Toe Sox

  2. Private Pilates session with Samantha, 1 apparatus class, and a foot kit with Toe Sox

  3. 1 Mat Class and Foot Kit

Exercises of Foot Discovery (Click here to download a printable version)

  1. Stand on your feet.  Notice the square box of the foot – big/little toes, inner/outer heel.  Do you shift around?  

  2. Lift up one toe at a time

  3. “Play” the piano with your toes

  4. Lift up a pencil with your toes

  5. Pull a towel in / Push it out with your toes.  Really get the 3 -5 toes involved with this.  

  6. Massage your own feet

  7. Have someone else massage your feet

  8. Get a pedicure

  9. Rub your toes/balls of your feet on a tennis ball

  10. Roll the heel and arch of your foot on a golf ball.  Be careful how much pressure you put on the ball.

  11. Roll the whole foot on a roller/dowel/foam roller

  12. Use broccoli rubber bands on your toes. Think toe corrector.  

  13. Go for a “mindful” walk.  Notice if you feel your big toe, pinky toe and both sides of your heel with every step.  Start with 2 minutes and see if you can work up to 8 minutes by the end of the month!

  14. Look at a reflexology book/website and discover something new about your feet

  15. Look at an anatomy book and discover something about the bones of the foot

  16. Look at an anatomy book and discover something about the tendons and muscles of the foot

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