Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the best place to park?

You can park anywhere on the street around the studio without any fees or risk of ticketing or towing. The lot for the Family Dollar and the Church has not given us any issues but it is posted for use only when inside those businesses so park at your own risk. When in doubt ask us. For special events that block off streets and make parking complicated we will reach out on a case by case basis.

What is the policy on late cancellations for private lessons and classes?

We try to be as understanding as we can about life events that prevent you from coming to class and work with you on late cancellations. Our policy is stated below:

Classes: 2 hour cancellation window. For first apparatus late cancel the up-charge will be waived as a courtesy.

Private Lesson:12 hour cancellation window. When in doubt about the method of communication please use the website as there are safety nets to ensure all those messages are received and appropriately time-stamped.

Apparatus Up-charges and additional class fees


What if I bring a friend into the studio and they start to take class or do private lessons?


What if there are 2 people or less in class?

What is the best way to find out about special class cancellations such as weather or events that impact the area?

How much Pilates to achieve goals?


What should I wear to Pilates?

Can I attend class or do private lessons virtually?

These charges are processed weekly on either the ending Sunday or following Monday for the week previous. When your credit card on file is charged you will receive an itemized email receipt that will explain the charges. We do not charge your account until we have at least $20 to process. If there are any questions about your account, please contact

The best advertisement is word or mouth and we want to make sure you are rewarded for it. The referral bonuses are as follows:

If you refer someone and they buy a…..

Private Package _____________________ = A free Private Session

Class 5 pack ________________________= A free class

Join as a member ____________________ = $50 credit to your account

In an effort to keep you as consistent as possible in your practice, we will have class even if there is only 1 person signed up. However, when there are 2 people or less in class the studio reserves the right to reduce class time by 15 minutes. We believe you have made the effort to get into the studio and move so no matter how many people show up we will be there to guide you!

For the most part we are open 365 days per year and do our best to not cancel classes. However weather and events in the neighborhood that may impact travel and parking do happen.  Please refer to Mindbody or the studio’s social media to be as up to date as possible on the status of classes. If there are last minute cancellations we will contact you directly if you are registered for class. 


“Pilates is like water and you should do it every day” – Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates protégé)

We would love to see you in the studio every day of the week but life and finances get in the way. To see true changes in your body we recommend 2 classes and 1 private a week but every body we see is different. Speak to one of our instructors about your individual goals to get a more personalized answer.

Since we need to see your body move, comfortably form fitting athletic attire without zippers or exposed metal. When wearing shorts please make sure that you have appropriate undergarments.

Absolutely!  Using Zoom, we allow up to 4 people to attend our regular Mat classes and 2 people to attend our Apparatus classes.  We need at least a 24 hour notice so that our technology is charged and ready to go. The normal class fees apply to both Mat and Apparatus classes.  Studio members receive special discounts on Zoom only class packages and private lessons. Zoom private lessons are also available at special rates. For more information contact the studio.