Samantha Ingram

Samantha Ingram is a world traveler with a passion for experiencing other cultures through art, music, food, and language. As a lifelong athlete and World Paddle Association Class I instructor, she began practicing classical Pilates in 2009 to add a flexibility regimen to her training. She experienced an increased awareness of physical form and muscular control, which enhanced her other activities and inspired her to further investigate The Method through teacher training.  She founded Align Movement Design in 2017, inspired by the teaching style of mentor Patricia Russell.

Samantha enjoys pushing clients to work hard and try new things, while being mindful of their individual goals and abilities. The cornerstone of her Pilates training philosophy is using both mat classes and private lessons on apparatus to maximize results, gaining strength, control, and flexibility through consistent practice. Sam has a biting sense of humor and a down to earth communication style. She believes that providing her clients with honest feedback and realistic expectations is key to a successful practice. When she’s not in the studio, she enjoys horseback riding, water sports, quilling (paper arts), and traveling.  

Training / Education:

  • B.A., University of Georgia, 2007
  • Urban Body Studios teacher training with Penelope Wyer-Barrow,  2012
  • Completed workshops with Bob Liekens, Brooke Siler, Chris Robinson, and Dana Santi
  • World Paddle Association Class I instructor

Patricia Russell

Patricia Russell has over 40 years of experience training and teaching choreography, dance, you and Pilates in NYC.  She first began practicing Pilates as a teenager, in combination with modern dance training.  Following a successful career teaching dance and choreography at the high school and professional level, she transitioned to the study of Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, therapeutic yoga and the healing arts of reflexology Reiki and Polarity.  

Prior to joining Align Movement Design, Patricia was a lead instructor (10 years) and teacher trainer (5 years) at Urban Body Studios in Atlanta Georgia.  She also studied and taught at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in NYC.  She continues her training in Classical Pilates and Yoga (specifically Iyengar); participating in workshops, conferences, and classes with luminaries in the field.  

Patricia’s teaching threads her varied modalities to ensure that everyone she works with has a positive experience, moves, and discovers their inner sanctuary.  This vision is the cornerstone of the teaching philosophy of Align Movement Design.  Patricia loves movement, watching people move, and assisting and guiding folks to move.  To this end, her love of body alignment, and particular interest in correcting misalignment drives Patricia to guide people to become stronger, further their physical awareness, and increase their mind-body connection.  

Training / Education

  • B.A. in Dance and Psychology, Brooklyn College
  • M.A. in Dance Education, NYU
  • Pilates Advanced Training (2017)
  • TRX (2011)
  • Pilates Apparatus (2007)
  • Thai Yoga Massage (2005)
  • Mat Certification (2004)
  • RPP Polarity(2000)
  • Reiki 2nd Degree (1997)
  • Reflexology (1996)
  • Yoga (1994)

Notable Pilates instructors and mentors include: Dana Santi, Jay Grimes, Brooke Siler, Kathi Ross-Nash, Mari Windsor, and Chris Robinson

Stillwater Yoga is Patricia’s primary source for continuing education in Yoga including classes , workshops, conferences, and Medical classes with Kathleen Pringle, Nancy Mau, Kquvien DeWeese, and Manouso Manos