Progressive study of the Classical Pilates Method on the Mat. Small group classes where
personal attention to your form and alignment is emphasized. We introduce the Mat exercises,
practice, then challenge you some more. Our instructors specialize in teaching multiple levels
for maximum benefit.
Props are an additional bonus, they help you delve deeper into core activation. They might
include: magic circle, weighted ball, squishy ball, theraband, pole..., challenging and fun.


Use the traditional Pilates apparatus, Universal Reformer and Wunda Chair to achieve the most out of your Pilates practice.
These spring loaded pieces of equipment afford you the opportunity to feel the resistance needed to develop the control that Classical Pilates touts, and attain the body that you desire. Classes will also include use of Wall Unit, Spine Corrector and other Pilates accessories, at the instructors discretion.

*This class has an upcharge*

Apparatus 1 - Newer to apparatus, more guided teaching, learning to change springs on your own.You MUST have done 5 or more privates with an Align Movement Design instructor or have permission of Align instructor.

Apparatus 2 - Experience on apparatus is essential, as you will be changing your springs on your own.You MUST have done 10 or more privates with an Align Movement Design instructor or have permission of an Align instructor.



Our yoga classes are Hatha based and include: poses (asana), breathing (pranayama), and relaxation (restorative).  Like our Pilates classes we pay special attention to alignment, modifications and variations to attend to each persons needs.  Props will be used to assist and enhance your poses for maximum effectiveness and class size is limited to 6 people.  
No experience necessary; those who have studied yoga - no matter what style - will have the opportunity to deepen their practice.  This class is a great compliment to our Pilates mat or Apparatus classes